Sioux L. Stoeckle.

Affidavit of William Reidhead
Original of this document is held in the Mass. State Archives.

I William REIDHEAD of Lawful age Testify and say that during the time that the British Troops resided at Fort George Penobscot I acted as a Cooper & storekeeper to the Commissary of the British Troops the whole time that they stayed at Penobscot, and that I delivered to Mr. Archibald HANEY (who was called a British Subject) Rations for himself and Family the whole time that the Troops tarried at Penobscot, and that he was Rationed the same as any of the British troops and Received Rations accordingly. -
Wm Reidhead

Lincoln Ss June 26 1788
Then the above named William REIDHEAD personally appeared before me and after being carefully examined & duly cautioned to testify the truth the whole truth & nothing but the truth relating to the Cause in which this Deposition is to be used, made Solemn Oath to the truth of the foregoing Deposition by him Subscribed, taken at the request of Archibald HANEY to be used in an Action or plea of Trespass to be heard and tried at the Supreme Judicial Court next to be holden at Pownalborough within & for the County of Lincoln on the Second Tuesday next following the fourth Tuesday of this present month June, in which action said HANEYThomas THOMPSON is appellee - The Cause of this Deposition is the Deponants living more than thirty miles from the place of Trial, and the said THOMPSON living more than twenty miles from the place of this Caption, was not notified, no was he present at the taking hereof.
Before me Joseph Hibbert (?) F--- (?)
Cost witness 1 day - - 020
Caption (?)3 0
sealing & Directing10L060