Lincoln Co. Towns

Alna (formerly New Milford inc 1794 - from Pownalboro) (Incorporated Feb 28, 1811)

Boothbay (formerly (1630) as Cape Newagen, then Townsend, incorporated as Boothbay 3 Nov 1764

Boothbay Harbor (formerly part of Cape Newagen, Townsend and Boothbay; incorporated 16 Feb 1889 as Boothbay Harbor)

Bremen (settled 1735, once part of Bristol, ME; incorporated 19 Feb 1828) History

Bristol (belonged to Pemaquid Patent- Walpole, Herrington & Pemiquid, settled 1625, incorporated 18 Jun 1765) History

Damariscotta (settled ca 1640, 1st part of Nobleboro & Bristol, separated & incorporated 26 Jul 1847)

Dresden (settled in 1752 by French Protestants, with Alna, Wiscasset) It was originally named Frankfort. & Perkins, formed ancient Pownalborough (a Boston Govoner) incorporated 13 Feb 1760) Formed as Dresden in 1794.

Edgecomb (settled 1774, 1st as Freetown & incorporated 5 Mar 1774 as Edgecomb & included Westport until 1828)

Jefferson Part of Ballstown Plantation (settled in 1770, formerly part of old Ballstown, inc 24 Feb 1807 as Jefferson)

Newcastle part of Sheepscot Plantation (incorporated 19 June 1753)

New Milford (incorporated 25 June 1794) now see Alna

Nobleboro Formerly known as Walpole from Walpole Plantation (inc 20 Nov 1788) Historical Society

Pemaquid Point Shipwreck - Gabriel'

Pownalboro - Originally Frankfort Plantation (Inc. 1760 See Dresden, Alna & Wiscasset)

South Bristol (formerly part of Bristol, inc 1 Jul 1915)

Waldoborough Broadbay Plantation(settled 1748 by German immigrants, Inc 29 June 1773)

Somerville Plantation (formerly Patricktown Plantation. incorporated 25 Mar 1858 reorg as plt 14 Mar 1938 & the reorg as town 16 Mar 1974)

Southport (Inc as Townsend 12 Feb 1842 - changed name to Southport 12 June 1850)

Townsend (Inc 12 Feb 1842 - ceased due to name change to Southport on 12 June 1850)

Waldenborough (Broad Bay Plantation)

Walpole (see South Bristol)

Westport (formerly called Jeremisquam, once part of Edgecomb incorporated 5 Feb 1828)

Whitefield Ballstown Plantation (settled abt 1770. western part of old Ballstown until incorporated 19 Jun 1809)

Wiscasset (with Dresden, Alna & Swan Island, the ancient Pownalboro' name was changed to Wiscasset on 10 Jun 1802)


Some towns lost in Lincoln County prior to 1913 due to other county formations

Athens (Now in Somerset Co. - Inc Mar 7, 1804 see Athens)

Bath (since 1854 in Sagahadoc Co.; Was part of Georgetown)

Buxton (formerly Buckstown, Bucksport (Plantation of Narraganset # 1), set off to Hancock County in 1789)

Cape Newagen (see Boothbay)

Capitol Island (see Boothbay Harbor)

Friendship Was Medunkook Plantation (now part of Knox Co.)

Georgetown (included Bath, Me until 1781; was set off to Saco

Greene Was Lewiston Plantation (was set off to Kennebec Co & then in 1854 set off to Androscoggin Co)

Isle of Springs (see Boothbay Harbor)

Leeds (see also Wayne; (set off to Kennebec Co and in 1854 set off to Androscoggin Co)

Lewiston (Set off to Androscoggin Co in 1854)

Livermore (now part of Leeds; part of Livermore was in Cumberland Co & part was in Lincoln Co but in 1805 all of Livermore was set off to Oxford Co)

New Gloucester from New Gloucster Plantaton (was in York Co, until 1760 and since then Cumberland Co was a half shiretown of Cumberland Co)

Montville (now part of Waldo Co)

Norway (formerly Cumberland Co, and now in Oxford Co)

Paris Plantation # 4(formerly Cumberland Co and now in Oxford Co)

Pejepscot Claim Plantation of Pejepscot Claim & Little's Gore(the land east of the Androscoggin River to the Greene town line was in the formation of Lincoln County

Phippsburg (now in Sagadahoc Co)

Pittston (now in Kennebec Co)

Rockland (now in Knox Co)

Sandwich (now Wayne)

Sandy River (now in Franklin Co)

Southport (formerly part of Boothbay, inc as Townsend 12 Feb 1842, name changes in 1850)

Squirrel Island (see Southport)

Townsend (see Boothbay & Southport)

Trevett (see Boothbay)

Turner (was partly in Lincoln Co, then in Oxford & Cumberland, & now in Androscoggin Co)

Warren (now in Knox Co)

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